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#BringItHome Initiative

#BringItHome is an initiative launched in May 2017 to take an already strong bid for MLS and take it across the finish line by refocusing efforts on what got Republic FC into the MLS conversation in the first place: the incredible people of Sacramento.

There are five key elements that reflect the #BringItHome spirit. The first to be launched is a series of events to directly engage 20,000 voices (see dates below and on club calendar).  All five elements include:

1. 20,000 Voices.

The #BringItHome event series is designed to engage over 20,000 fans, the approximate number of seats in an MLS stadium, with Republic FC leaders as the team moves toward securing an MLS bid in Sacramento later this year. Fans will have the opportunity through town-hall style discussions and one-on-one meetings to share their insights and help shape the fan experience both for the current season and proposed MLS stadium. We want every fan in every seat to have a voice in the club’s future. Upcoming events (RSVP required to attend; click event to register):

2. Keep It Local.

We will ensure strong participation by local workers and local businesses in the construction and operations of the new stadium to deliver new jobs and opportunities to our region.

3. Farm to Field.

We will harness the renowned agricultural base of our region and build stadium concessions partnerships with a broad and diverse group of local farms, restaurants, and breweries.

4. Citizen Architects.

We’ll challenge SRFC fans to submit design proposals for a portion of the plaza surrounding the stadium to be developed by and for the public.


5. Seat at the Table.

We’ll ensure that fans have a direct and consistent audience with the Republic FC Board via representatives selected by the fans.

Our destiny as an MLS city is within reach. View original press release. Let’s #BringItHome

Questions or ideas? Contact us at or (916) 307-6100.

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