Cal Expo Multi-Use Facility Update and Its Impact

Posted on Mar 18, 2014 in News

March 18, 2014 Update on Cal Expo

  • Installation of the Cal Expo multi-use sports field facilities began in mid-March. It will take approximately two months to assemble the site. Anticipated first home match at Cal Expo will be June 7. The first three home matches will take place at Hughes Stadium.
  • Cal Expo Board of Directors voted unanimously for the agreement between Ovations Fanfare LLC and Cal Expo to create a multi-use sports field facility. Ovations Fanfare LLC will privately construct the approximately $3 million project with Sacramento Republic FC serving as a tenant or similar hosting its home matches at the site. View agenda and agreement.
  • Based on revised timelines, the 2014 USL PRO Inaugural Season Home Opener will be hosted at Hughes Stadium on the campus of Sacramento City College. Two additional home matches in May will also be played at Hughes Stadium.
  • All parties involved – Cal Expo, Ovations Food Service and Sacramento Republic FC – have put considerable time and effort into the process of creating an arrangement that meets each of their respective needs. This project has been over a year in the making to ensure the due diligence was taken. The facility will create incremental revenue for Cal Expo, jobs through Ovations and a home pitch for Republic FC.


Cal Expo Multi-Use Sports Field Facility FAQs:

  • The multi-use sports field facility will be located on the California State Fair grounds, approximately 2 miles from downtown Sacramento.
  • Ovations will build and own the temporary multi-use facility. Sacramento Republic FC would be a licensee with the right to host its home matches and other sporting events.
  • The facility will feature a soccer-specific full pitch or field with dimensions for international soccer (120 x 80 yards), enhancing the experience for both players and spectators.
  • The pitch or field will be natural grass and feature a water recycling system to conserve natural resources.
  • Facility will be a temporary structure that seats approximately 8,000 people. The intimate setting would provide the ultimate closeness to the action and create an atmosphere unparalleled in sports venues in the region.
  • Additional family-friendly events including youth soccer, high school competitions, rugby or lacrosse will also be featured at the venue.
  • The multi-use sports field facility would be developed through private funding. No tax dollars fund the project.
  • Parking is available on site, as well as access to public transit. Cal Expo also offers access to the American River Parkway for bicyclists. Bike valet parking will be available on site for events.
  • Seating would include both bleacher and seats with backs.
  • A facility use fee will be added to group and individual tickets at Cal Expo for the 2014 season. The facility fee is waived for season ticket holders during the 2014 season only.
  • Sacramento Republic FC will host a series of events to provide ticket holders an opportunity to meet with account executives, learn about the facility and review seating preferences. A “Meet Your Seat” event will be planned once the facility is near completion.
  • Sacramento Republic FC’s ability to host its home matches on a full grass pitch will enhance the experience for players and spectators and better position the club for participation in MLS.
  • This is a temporary venue for Sacramento Republic FC’s home matches until a MLS stadium can be built in the downtown core.
  • There would be ample concessions, bathroom facilities, lighting and parking to service our fans’ needs.
  • Based on the capacity of the facility, there will be a cap on the number of season tickets offered to the public. The club is still determining what percentage of the tickets would be available for season ticket purchase and what will be single game ticket.
  • Accessible seating and access would be part of the facility.

What Matches at Hughes Stadium Will Mean for Season Ticket Holders Until Cal Expo is Ready:

  • It will take approximately 2-3 months to assemble the Cal Expo Multi-Use Sports Field Facility. As a result, the first three home matches will be hosted at Hughes Stadium on the campus of Sacramento City College.
  • Season ticket depositors will keep their priority ranking based on when they placed their deposit from the original launch of ticket sales for seating in both Hughes Stadium and Cal Expo.
  • Seating for any matches held at Hughes Stadium will be based on priority number and comparable seat assignments or sightlines for the ticket holder’s seats at the Cal Expo facility.
  • If a ticket holder switches sections, they will not change or lose their priority.
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