Know Your Crest

Posted on Mar 30, 2014 in Your FC

As Sacramento’s history and symbolism is tied to our great state, we turned to the California State Flag – a symbol itself of strength, freedom, courage and honor — for inspiration. Its colors are our colors, its symbols inspire our symbols, including the beloved state bear. The bear’s strength and unyielding resistance represents the fierceness that will be exhibited by the club’s players and already by its supporters.

The Republic

Three months, thousands of entries, and tremendous community support all comes down to this. In developing a name and brand for Sacramento’s new professional soccer team, it was important to empower the community in the decision.

Soccer, more than any other sport, is the people’s sport. Your voice, combined with inspiring art, diligent research and a reconnection with our region’s rich history, led to an identity that is second to none.

We heard your voices, embraced your feedback and named this club based on your overwhelming enthusiasm for Sacramento. A Republic represents people from all walks of life, colors, ethnicities, and creeds coming together as one. Its supreme power rests in its citizens, and as such this club is empowered through you.


Why FC?

We set out with a mission to build an organization that is true to the world’s sport. Across the world, soccer is referred to as “football.” In keeping with the rich history and tradition of the sport, you clearly voiced a desire to adopt football club, or FC, in the official name.

The red star

The Star

Two-fold in its symbolism, the star signifies first and foremost our place on the map as California’s capital. The addition of the beveled look is consistent with that of a United States general insignia – paying tribute to those that will lead and do battle for this Republic. Its color is the same as the star in the California State Flag.

The Crest

The Crest

The crest is bold, powerful and distinct. Republic FC sits in a place of honor in the badge, representative of the banners worn by those engaged in battle. The font and the colors are true to those used in the state flag and demonstrate a rich connection to our state history.

The bear.

The Bear

A symbol of “strength and unyielding resistance,” our bear is inspired by the official state animal and the centerpiece of the flag that is also known as “The Bear Flag.”

The motto.

The Motto

Those familiar with the rich history of Sacramento know that our city motto is Urbs Indomita. Translation? The Indomitable City – a name associated with Sacramento since its infancy because its citizens would not easily be subdued. They did not surrender to fire, floods or disease. They desired and were destined to thrive, literally moving rivers and raising their city to create a vibrant community. That fighting spirit is no different over 160 years later and lives on with Sacramento Republic FC.

We are an Indomitable city. We are Sacramento Republic FC.

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