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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can access your Sacramento Republic FC Account Manager by clicking HERE.

What do I do if I don't know my login information?
If you don’t know your password, select “Reset Password” on the Account Manager login screen.  You’ll be sent an email to reset your password, which you can use to log in. If you continue to have trouble, please call us at (916) 307-6100.

What kind of Member events should I expect this season?
Your service department will be planning exclusive events throughout the season which will include the Season Ticket Pick Up Event, Meet the Team Party, Team Photo Day along with many other exciting get togethers. You will be notified as the events are scheduled.

Where can I use my Member merchandise discount on merchandise?
Your 10% merchandise discount can be used at the Team Store, Merchandise tents at home SRFC matches, and online. Simply show your SRFC Membership card in-person or use code ‘MEMBER’ online while using the email associated with your Indomitable Membership account.

Does my Membership get me any other discounts?
You are eligible for a 20% discount for all SRFC Camps and Clinics. For additional information please click HERE.

What are Indomitable Community discounts?
This season we will be partnering with local businesses and SRFC sponsors to offer Members special discounts and offers. Enjoy 10% off at Chando’s locations across Sacramento by showing your SRFC Membership card. Stay tuned for more details and additional partners!

I lost my Membership card; how can I get a replacement?
Your Membership Card can be replaced with a fee of $10. Please contact your Account Representative to arrange for the card to be reprinted. Your season ticket(s) can also be managed through your Account Manager portal for free.

I forgot my Membership card; how do I get into the match?
If you forget your Membership Card, you can access your tickets through your Account Manager at anytime. If you are having trouble accessing the tickets through your mobile device, please see the Customer Service booth at the Papa Murphy’s Park entrance after gates open.

What is the cancellation policy for season tickets?
Indomitable Members may cancel their season ticket(s) at any time during a season for any reason with 30 days notice by providing a cancellation notice to the Sacramento Republic FC Ticket Sales and Service Department. Any Member who cancels their Season Ticket(s) will not receive any refunds for any installment payments made prior to the cancellation. 

When does my membership renew for the next season?
Indomitable Members will be charged on August 1 unless the club has been notified previously.  Members will be sent the following year’s pricing, benefits and other information no less than 30 days prior to the review window closing on July 31.  During this time, Members can opt-out of renewing their seats and tenure and will not be charged for the upcoming season.

Membership grants you exclusive access, flexibility, and discounts at SRFC based on your ticket package preference. Packages range from full season plans  to smaller, flexible match plans.

Placing a deposit secures your spot in line to select SRFC Memberships during the inaugural MLS season as well as USL memberships at Papa Murphy’s Park. The sooner you place a deposit, the higher your selection priority. 

No, you are all set and your Membership serves as your spot in line. A service representative will contact you shortly regarding next steps in the process. 

Yes, you have priority over all members that joined after your start date. Priority is based on tenure as a Member as well as the type of membership (i.e. Premium Memberships).

How many seats will I have access to? 
The same number of seats you currently have at Papa Murphy's Park.

What changes if I am a current USL VIP Member?
Currently USL VIP Members at Papa Murphy's Park will be given access to Premium seating at the new MLS stadium. 

A deposit for general seating is $50 per seat. A deposit for premium seating (Club, Field, or Suite Level) is $100 per seat.

Each deposit grants you access to purchase one seat at Papa Murphy’s Park and the new MLS stadium.  For example, if you want access to four (4) seats at the MLS stadium, you will need to purchase four (4) deposits.

Yes – your deposit will be credited to your account and applied directly to your Membership.

Yes, all deposits are refundable. There is no risk to secure your place in line for the best MLS priority.

If you are an existing USL Member, you are already at the front of the line! Your service representative will contact you shortly to walk you through the seat selection process.

If you are interested in becoming a Member, place a deposit to secure your spot in line. A SRFC sales consultant will contact you shortly after you place your deposit.

Premium and general seating  will each have a dedicated date/time (to be determined at a later date) for seat selection. Priority will be given to existing USL Members, followed by MLS depositors. Place your deposit now to increase your priority and a SRFC sales consultant will contact you shortly to walk you through the next steps.

There will be a variety of seating options such as premium suites, loge boxes, club seating, and general seating. Place your deposit now and a SRFC sales consultant will contact you and walk you through future seating options.

Yes, there will be a variety of payment plans available. 

Priority to select seats at the new MLS stadium is based on your timestamped spot in line that was/can be established by becoming a current Member or placing a deposit. There are three tiers of MLS priority:

  • Tier 1: USL Members – current USL Members at Papa Murphy’s Park
  • Tier 2: MLS Depositors – those who have placed a refundable MLS deposit
  • Tier 3: Free MLS Insider List – join the free insider list to stay up to date on SRFC and MLS

To skip the deposit line and achieve the highest level of MLS priority, you can become a 2020 USL Member.  Member seniority and tenure factored in, becoming a USL Member now is the best way to increase priority.  This applies to current MLS deposit holders, as well. To learn more about 2020 ticket packages and how to become a 2020 USL Member, click HERE.

In order to buy seats at the new MLS stadium, you must be an existing USL Member or a MLS deposit holder.  Current USL Members can purchase an equal number of seats that they currently hold at Papa Murphy’s Park in the new MLS stadium. MLS depositors can select up to the same number of seats as purchased deposits.

Limited opportunities remain to become a USL corporate partner or premium member at Papa Murphy’s Park. Premium membership allows you the highest priority to become a partner or premium member at the new MLS stadium. To inquire about becoming a partner or premium member, email

Currently, we are only allowing those who are using the tickets for business or personal use to purchase tickets.  All 3rd party sellers are encouraged to email to express interest.

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