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MLS Priority

MLS Priority and Why it Matters

MLS priority is the order in which you are eligible to select seats and Memberships in the new Major League Soccer stadium at the Railyards. 

There are three tiers that determine MLS priority: Tier 1 – Current Members, Tier 2 – Depositors, and Tier 3 – General Public.  

Tier 1 will select seats for MLS at the new Railyards Stadium first, with any remaining seats available for purchase by Tiers 2 and 3. 

Your MLS priority tier is determined by your current affiliation with the club and the order within each  tier is determined by your tenure – the date you placed a deposit or became a member. 

The higher up on the priority list, the earlier you will be able to select your seat location in the new stadium at the Railyards.

Establish your MLS priority today! 

Place your deposit for only $50 and secure your spot in line to select seats at the new Major League Soccer stadium. Deposits are completely refundable and establish your tenure in Tier 2 priority. 

Join the thousands of indomitable fans who have already established their MLS priority!