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Get to Know – Mark Briggs

By William Strome, 12/23/19, 6:45PM PST


Let's sit down with Republic FC's new head coach and learn a bit more about the boss.

Last week, Republic FC announced the promotion of Mark Briggs to head coach of Sacramento’s USL club from his role as Academy Director and U-19 head coach. 

The Indomitable Club’s new coach broke a number of records while coaching Real Monarchs in 2017, where he led the Utahan team to a regular season Supporter’s Shield and earned the USL Coach of the Year honor. Briggs guided Monarchs to the club’s first-ever playoff appearance and lifted the club’s first-ever trophy. 

Before Republic FC fans can expect to see Briggs behind the touchline, let’s get to know a little bit about the new boss before the 2020 campaign…

     What do you like most about Sacramento?
First of all, it didn’t rain for like four months which is obviously nice coming from England. I’ve just felt an instant connection to Sacramento as being home. It’s kind of similar to my hometown in England. People are proud of where they are from and I see that in a lot of people from Sacramento. So, it’s just a familiarity with home and my wife is from here so that also gives me a little sense of home in that regard. I just really love the place. 

     What you miss most about England?
Honestly, a traditional Sunday dinner, a traditional Sunday roast with your family. Usually on a Sunday, families get together and sit around the dinner table and mom will cook a traditional Sunday dinner which could be chicken, beef, lamb, potatoes, vegetables, stuffing, gravy, just like a Thanksgiving dinner, we tend to have that on a Sunday with family. So, I guess that would be the biggest thing I miss, and obviously friends and family. That’s the big thing, I’d say. But where I’m from, I guess we’re known for having good curries, so I guess I’m a bit of a curry snob. So, if there’s a good curry house in Sacramento, I’d love to find out!

     What do you and your family like to do on your days off?
Just spending time with my wife and my daughter and my dog, Dax, and I like Old Town. Walk around Old Sacramento quite a lot and just wander around downtown and just try to get more familiar with the city and just enjoy where we are. We live by the river so a lot of times I’m walking the dog down the river, just enjoying California, enjoying my family. 

     Do you and your family have a favorite local restaurant?
Do you know what? We’ve just had a recent newborn, so we haven’t. She’s eight weeks old so honestly, we haven’t had the chance to go to too many restaurants. And with the academy schedule and a newborn baby, it’s just been hard to get out and about. So, if there’s any recommendations, I’m open to all!


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