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Happy National Dog Day – Meet the Indomitable Pups of Republic FC

By Grace Ogata-Beutler, 08/26/21, 2:00PM PDT


Get to Know the Pawsitively Awesome Dogs of Players and Staff


Kharlton belmar and Kaiya

For Belmar, 3-year-old Kaiya is more than just a pet – she’s his emotional support system. “One of the best parts of having a dog as a professional athlete is that I always get to come home to someone who loves me unconditionally, no matter the results on the field.”


Luis felipe and ted

If you see Luis around town, chances are you’ll see Ted, too – the pair go nearly everywhere together. As for Ted’s best talent, Luis says “he’s really good at being the loudest snorer in the world.”


Jordan mccrary and cobain

McCrary’s pup Cobain, a 1-year-old German Shepherd, absolutely loves chewing toys and eating peanut butter. While she goes by the nickname “Baino” at home, teammates Jaime Villarreal and Shannon Gomez jokingly prefer to call her “Coco.”

Hayden Sargis and Willow & Sage

Although Hayden claims he’s more of cat person, you can’t deny the love he has for his two pups Willow and Sage. Sage, a chocolate American Lab, always has to have something in her mouth—doesn’t matter if it’s a bone, a toy, or a piece of fruit she picks up from the backyard. And while Sargis is always hungry for the ball on the pitch, he says that English Lab Willow is hungry for food at all hours of the day.


coach mark briggs and Dax

Just like his soccer coach dad, Dax's daily regimen consists of exercise, food, and rest. Each morning, Dax & Briggs head out for a walk at 6:30 a.m., followed by breakfast and a full day of rest. The pair close out the day with another walk at 6:30 p.m.


Juju chavez and lala

Don't let her sweet eyes deceive you - Pitbull mix Lala is a handful. Her most recent puppy shenanigans included breaking multiple flower pots and digging up Chavez's grandma's plants.


Emil cuello and floki

Although Cuello has not had Floki, a 2-month-old German Shepherd mix, in his life for long, the two have already been on quite a journey. Most recently, the pair drove from San Antonio to Sacramento, all while dealing with puppy potty training.


Athletic Trainer Betty Olmedo and Zorro

Zorro, a 6-year-old Yorkie mix, was adopted in Mexico when Betty was working at Celaya FC. Fun fact: Zorro’s nickname is ZR-7 because he loves to chase soccer balls.


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