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Local Artist Marco Estrada Puts Indomitable Spin on Popular Mexican Game

By Emile Guzman, 09/15/21, 11:00AM PDT


Republic FC kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month with LoterĂ­a themed poster giveaway

When Republic FC welcomes San Antonio FC on Saturday, it won’t just be the two clubs first meeting since 2019.

As a part of the club’s Noche Latina celebration, fans will receive fans a Republic FC themed Lotería poster after the match. Lotería - Spanish for “lottery”- is a game of chance similar to bingo where in response to the selections of a caller, or “cantor,” players mark off pictograms on cards containing an assortment of images as they are chosen from a randomized deck. Players try to string together adjoining images to complete rows, diagonals, or other selected patterns.

Designed by local artist Marco Estrada, who also created the mural artwork on Republic FC’s Northgate Park futsal court project in 2020, This year’s artwork features a multitude of Heart Health Park match day mainstays- the club shield, a supporter’s flag, the star on the club crest, a scarf, and even a drawing of midfielder Jaime Villarreal doing a celebratory dance. It also features a sketch of the tower bridge, a goal on the pitch, and a quail.

“My goal was to modify the subject of Lotería and fit it to the energy of Republic FC matches,” said Estrada. “I first examined the original Lotería card designs, and imagined how a Republic FC subject would fit the traditional layout.”

For Estrada, this year’s poster is inspired by his past experiences and familiar feelings. For him and many others, Lotería was a common part of his upbringing.

“When people gathered for any reason, the Lotería set would almost always come out. It seemed like almost every family had one.”

Powered by SMUD, September 18 marks the club’s first of two Noche Latina celebrations this season, meant to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and the recognition of the Hispanic and Latinx culture. In addition to Saturday’s giveaway fans can also check out the new Hispanic Heritage Collection, now available at the team store.