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2017 Season Ticket Scarf celebrates club, city and California capital

By sradmin, 10/26/16, 11:45AM PDT


Local artist Raphael Delgado shares inspiration behind his piece for Republic FC’s 2017 scarf.

From collaborations with David Garibaldi and the Sacramento Ballet, Sacramento Republic FC have taken a unique approach to connecting with the community: celebrating the region’s indomitable spirit through collaboration, especially through the arts.

As part of that collaborative spirit, Republic FC unveiled the 2017 artist scarf concept design at their end-of-season celebration, Blocktoberfest, on Oct. 15. Raphael Delgado, a local visual artist based in downtown Sacramento, created the piece of art that will serve as the design for the 2017 season ticket scarf.

The exclusive scarf is available for Season Ticket Holders—including Tower Bridge Battalion members—who renewed their seats prior to the Oct. 24 deadline and will be available for pick-up at the annual Season Ticket Party in March 2017.

A Sacramento native, Delgado left the California capital for a few years to attend college in southern California and also art school in San Francisco. He returned to Sacramento ten years ago, immediately immersing himself in the blossoming arts scene. Delgado opened his first Sacramento art studio was at that location on 22nd and J Street for four years before moving to his current location at 12th and S Street.

Like much of the club’s efforts to establish a relationship with the city, Delgado’s relationship with Republic FC was cultivated organically. Delgado painted a piece featuring the bear on the California flag entitled “California Republic” for one of his collectors Jeffrey Dorso, an avid Republic FC fan. In turn Dorso introduced Delgado to Republic FC Vice President of Marketing and Communications Erika Bjork. The piece opened the doorway and conversation for Delgado to create a design for a Republic FC artist scarf.

Like it’s predecessor “California Republic II” the acrylic on canvas piece that takes elements from the Indomitable City and state capital, as well as the state of California itself, such as the bear. While “California Republic” is a modern interpretation of the classical symbols of the California Republic, “California Republic II” is a celebration of club, city and state—Republic FC, the Indomitable City and California at large—blending the modern elements of Delgado’s original piece with the identity of Republic FC.

“It’s not just art from this region. It represents this region,” said Delgado about his piece for Republic FC. “This is the art belonging to Sacramento. It’s truly, truly local and it represents the culture of us. So when you look at this painting, that represents us.”

This the second time Republic FC has collaborated with a local artist to create an exclusive artist scarf. In 2014, Sacramento artist David Garibaldi created the first-ever Republic FC artist scarf design, adapted from a piece also showcasing the bear.

“Republic has brought people together,” said Garibaldi. “It shows in how people are inspired by it. It shows in artists like myself that are creating things that are inspired by this new movement.”

The artist scarves are not Republic FC’s only collaboration project with the local art scene and community. Last November, Republic FC unveiled their 2016 kits through a live performance with the Sacramento Ballet and violinist Joe Kye at the Crest Theatre in a piece choreographed exclusively for the event.


The synergy between Republic FC, the arts and Delgado also transcends the 2017 season ticket scarf design. Delgado, who frequently works with other area artists, most recently collaborated with Capital Dance Project, a recipient of a grant from Republic FC through the Glory Glory Sacramento Fund. Delgado helped with the set design, creating a piece that coordinated with a performance choreographed by Capital Dance Project dancer Rex Wheeler.

“At the Capital Dance Project there were like eight or nine artists the collaborated with the choreographers and it was really beautiful thing,” said Delgado. “I’m loving the fact that Republic is reaching out locally because pound for pound this city has so many artists.”

For Delgado, Republic FC’s art collaborations are a confluence of culture and swagger that’s unique to the Indomitable City.

“It’s really good that Republic FC have used art to deliver their message because over the centuries it’s been the most effective way to deliver a message,” said Delgado. “Also, using art and collaborating with art and artists shows that the club is really about the city and the growth of the culture here. Not just sports, but the culture too. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a sports team really try to merge with the culture part, the culture building of Sacramento.”

Follow Delgado and his other upcoming projects on Instagram at @artbyraphael.