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Republic FC Q&A: Defender Enrique Montano

By Republic FC Staff, 01/25/17, 2:45PM PST


Twitter Q&A with one of this season's additions.

Republic FC hosted a Twitter Q&A on Wednesday morning with new defender Enrique Montano. From his favorite teams to his favorite MLS stadium, read on to learn more about Montano. 

@Sky_SDz: Your fav club? @enrim19 #quailQS

I will name my three favorite : @Chivas @FCBarcelona and @SacRepublicFC


@zoobay: How are you at Karaoke ? Are you willing to take on @wilsonkneeshaw ? #QuailQs

I sing any mariachi song at a proficient level. unless karaoke does not have mariachi I am not good. But yes I'll take @wilsonkneeshaw on.


@Faustocedillo: how can soccer and athletes like you can impact and make a change in our community?

Do what we are passionate about in order to inspire others. Also, athletes can visit/talk to kids at schools. 


@pillo7mk3: what team do you want to face the most? And why?

Our rivals. @LAGalaxyII


@jblockheads: who has the best stadium in @MLS?

I have to say @AvayaStadium . But soon our stadium will be the best in the @MLS


@Chivadelron: what is some good advice for a student who is falling asleep in his anthropology class?

take a 20 min. power nap everyday. It helped me get through my psychology class while I was @SJSU . Your education is important.


@TheNutriProf: What are you most looking forward to as you start the 2017 season with the Republic?

Play alongside a talented group of guys, work with great staff, & be part of the home atmosphere our supporters provide. 

Fans will also have an opportunity to meet Montano and other Republic FC players at an exclusive event.  Republic FC will host a meet and greet with some of our new players on Thursday, Jan. 26 at Republic FC Team Store & HQ from 5-8:30 p.m. Interested fans may register at