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Postmatch Reaction: Republic FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2

By Republic FC Staff, 08/07/17, 11:00AM PDT


Reaction from Coach Buckle, players and fans after Saturday's match

Postmatch Quotes 

Sacramento Republic FC Head Coach and Technical Director Paul Buckle

(On the match)
“We have been off for a couple of weeks in many ways, sometimes rust can set in.  You have games like this.  Like I have said before, maybe in the past we would have lost this game, it would have been a game where we would have been picked off, or where we through too many bodies forward, but we got it right.  I knew the goal would come, I had a feeling the goal was going to come, I felt that we really did control the second half.  I felt our distribution was good, we exploited the space down the left very well and I felt they got tired like I knew they would after playing Wednesday and traveling and I thought we would have to wait for the win.”

(On Jeremy Hall)
“I thought Jeremy Hall was outstanding tonight.  I asked him to step up even more.  He is having a great season and I said, look I need you to step up, I need you to lead even more.  We had a good chat on Thursday and he has stepped up.” 

Sacramento Republic FC Midfielder Hayden Partain

(On his debut)
“Once I made the dress list I was really exited, getting to put the jersey on. Coach in the 55th minute or so said he was going to put we me in, so I was excited.  I wasn’t expecting that and was grateful for the opportunity.  Going on the field, the crowd is so loud, you can’t hear a thing on the field.  It was really a surreal moment for me and I am very thankful for all of it. ”

Social Media 

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