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'Twas the Moment Before Kickoff

By Becky Rath, 12/24/17, 7:15PM PST


A twist on our holiday tradition

'Twas the moment before kickoff, when all through the stands
The people were cheering, all Republic FC fans;
The players lined up, all unafraid,
Knowing that soon, the game would be played;

The fans were nestled all snug in their seats,
The Battalion all chanting their super sick beats;
On the edge of my seat and starting to bristle,
I was all ready for the ref’s starting whistle,

The moment they started there arose such a clatter,
I threw down beer and hotdog to see what was the matter.
We ran up the line with the ball that we stole,
Our team got through defense, to make the first goal!

By half time our enemy had gotten one back,
And my tummy was ready for a good mid-match snack,
Then, what to my hungering eyes should appear,
But a farm-to-fork food truck, with kegs full of beer!

With a moment to spare I ran back to my seat,
All just in time to see the first kick of a cleat.
Coach Buckle and Sutton, at the start of the half,
They whistled and called on each player’s behalf;

"Now, Iwasa! now, Rodriguez! now, Hall and Hord!
On, Hategan! on Kneeshaw! as one they all soared.
Run up to the goal! Now come-on kick the ball!
Now sprint away! sprint away! sprint away all!"

We punted and passed, but the game was intense,
Now here comes the enemy, right passed our defense!
Up to our goal the ball flew in a sweep,
And to my horror, it was missed by our keep!

My heart sank, as I looked at the scoreboard above,
If only the ball hadn’t made it past that darn glove!
Now we were down, at two goals to one,
I feared we’d be finished, that we were done.

As I drew in my breath, and I furrowed my brow,
The crowd all stood up, the team needed us now!
The Battalion they led us in cheer and in song,
We WILL win this game! We WILL finish strong!

As the cheers they arose to fill up the park,
Our boys got the ball past the half-mark.
Up to the goal our forwards did fly!
Go Barrera! Go Espino! Let’s make it a tie!

Our offense moved quickly, shooting the ball,
It soared into the goal, and got cheers from all!
We’ve now got a tie, but what time is left?
If we’re gonna to win this, we’ll have to be deft!

Now Kneeshaw ran down, in his white and his red,
He bounced the ball off of the top of his head!
The ball it deflected right to the goal,
Oh please don’t get caught, please don’t hit the pole!

The ball soared over as if in slow-motion,
The crowd all stood still, no sound, no commotion;
The keeper, he leaped with all of his might,
But the ball moved right past him, out of his sight!

With one second to go the ball hit the net,
Why did I doubt? There was no need to fret!
The ref sprang up in a jump, to the teams blew the whistle,
All players stopped running when they heard the dismissal.

But I heard the crowd cry as the cheering it spread,



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