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Boards for Changes Becomes a Beacon of Positivity

By Republic FC Communications, 06/12/20, 11:30AM PDT


Local art project covers storefronts with artwork to inspire the community

As thousands of Sacramentans joined to peacefully march and protest throughout the past 10 days, local businesses still have the some of the signs from stealing and vandalism that stemmed from early outrage. Several shops and businesses throughout downtown Sacramento placed plywood over their windows to protect from future unrest, or to bandage over any broken windows and losses. 

Sacramento is home to the largest mural festival in the nation – and a team of three women created an initiative to turn the blank boards covering up businesses into a canvass that can inspire and support the region. Kimberly Prince, Lina Washington and Shannan O'Rourke created Boards For Change, a collaborative community beautification project with a purpose in direct response to recent #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations. The trio is connecting local artists with boarded-up businesses to turn those spaces into a city-wide canvas as a show of solidarity. Eventually, the works of art will be removed and auctioned off, with the proceeds benefiting Black youth organizations in the greater Sacramento area.

“I’m completely floored by the fact that this little idea between friends has exploded into a movement gaining national attention in less than a week! This wouldn’t be possible without the help of two bad ass women: Kimberly Prince and a Shannan O’Rourke. This project came together in the most Sacramento way: people spreading the word and simply wanting to help people do good in their city,” said ABC10 sports anchor and Boards For Change co-creator Lina Washington. “We’re so thankful to Sacramento Republic FC and the Sacramento Kings who have offered boards for our artists to express themselves and we’re looking forward to seeing how all of our efforts will directly impact Black youth and underserved communities in the greater Sacramento region.”  

Inspired the voices calling for change, and the club’s continued commitment to advocate for justice and opportunity for all, the club commissioned a work by “Paint the Park” alum Rigo The Artist to add to the city-wide canvas. 

‘Unity’ represents love and the local communities coming together in support of our fellow neighbors. In a time of uncertainty, Rigo’s work features bright colors for passersby to see and feel the immense love radiating from it. 

“I went through several ideas back and forth and finally decided to start with a tree that represents our roots and branches representing communities coming together as one,” the artist said. “The tree represents transformation, liberation, and unity. It's a symbol of our communities coming together and the growth and the power of change we have when we come together as one. It means a lot to me to be able to be part of this. I hope that this art brings smiles during these tough times.”

More murals are coming online and the project continues to collect donations. To support artists and supplies, visit the Boards For Change GoFundMe page to make a donation and be sure check out the Boards For Change Instagram page @boardsforchange

To see more of Rigo’s work, visit the artist’s Instagram page @RigotheArtist.


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